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Paul & Yakov is a collaborative group of experts committed to delivering comprehensive solutions for fashion businesses starting from scratch.

Whether you seek mastery in production chain management, concept development, marketing strategies, creative direction, web design or architectural solutions, our diverse team is here to provide seamlessly integrated and innovative support crafted exclusively for you.

What we do

Production management

Collection design

Assortment matrix

Fabrics & yarns sourcing

Sampling development

Production facilities sourcing in EU, China, CIS

Accessories & Footwear development

Bulk production management

Logistics optimisation

Sustainability consulting

Clothing hardware development

Concept building

Market analysis & brand positioning

Brand strategy

Brand guidelines

Launch support

Tone of voice and positioning for EU/USA/Asia markets

Visual concept development

Brand tone of voice & storytelling

Collaborations development

Wholesale Management

70+ stores database in CIS countries

Sales & distribution in CIS

Physical showroom & digital presentation

Wholesale communication in CIS

Logistics and paperwork

Graphic design & Web coding


Logo development

Guidelines & Brand book

Website & E-commerce design & programming

Packaging and print materials development

Hangtags, woven labels, composition and etc. design and production

POS materials production and sourcing

Marketing strategy

Market analysis & brand positioning

Brand platform

Product strategy

Development and implementation of seasonal/yearly marketing plans

Support during the launch of all developed strategies

Execution of communication projects on a project basis

Creative direction

Visual concept building

Campaigns and lookbook concept creation

Content production

Art direction

Fashion shoot production

Team sourcing

Storytelling for brands

Social media strategy

Architectural solutions

Design and concept of the in-store spaces

Material consulting

3d mapping and rendering

Detailed planning

Interior store design

Consulting on construction site

Architectural solutions for merchandising

Clients / Projects


— Rebranding strategy and storytelling

— Website building and e-commerce maintenance

— Full cycle business operational management

— Wholesale strategy implementation and sales to over 30 stores in Russia and CIS

— Full cycle material sourcing and logistics management

— Management of multi-level production chains, including manufacturing, sourcing hardware and accessories from Japan, Italy, and France, production of knitwear collections, down-filled items, faux-leather and upcycled fur collection, double-face fabric outerwear

— Accessories and bijoux production

— Product assortment matrix building

— Wholesale communications and shipment coordination

— Fashion campaigns Production

— Still life production management


Managed by our partner Sasha Armeeva:

— Public Relations management for media & press

— Influence marketing

— Event management for celebrities

Lobby Moscow

Execution of a collaboration between the creative director and blogger Kate Tabakova and an artist Pavel Kharatyan within Lobby Art Concierge platform:

— Production management

— Production of a silk scarf collection drop with unique prints (90 handprinted units)

— Sourcing and manufacturing of wraping, packaging, hangtags and printed materials

Knitwear collection drop in collaboration of Lobby Moscow and an artist Galina Smirnskaya:

— Yarn & local production sourcing

— Production management

— Hangtags, labels and POS design & execution


— Knitwear collection development and production for Walk Of Shame by Andrey Artyomov

— Material & yarn sourcing

— Machine knitting facility coordination in Italy

— Outerwear collection development and production

— Artisanal fur collection development and production

12 Storeez

Managed by our partner Kate Tabakova:

— Visual concept

— Creative direction for season campaigns

— Team formation: photographer, production studio, location management, casting direction

— Storyboard and campaign execution

— Final images selection and post-production management

Managed by our partners Sasha Armeeva & Nadya Krashilina:

— Public Relations management

— Influence marketing

— Brand strategy development

— Marketing planning

— Communication planning

— Event management

— Campaigns development and launch


— Branding and building visual identity

— Storytelling and brand concept

— Website coding and design

— Fabric sourcing in Japan and sustainable yarns in Italy

— Pattern development

— Hand embroidery design in India

— Sustainable production sourcing in India & Portugal

— Custom print design

— Packaging design and production in China

Vtoroy Mekhovoy

— Rebranding and building new visual identity

— Website coding and design

— Creative direction and content production

— Export of Vtoroy Mekhovoy collections to some of the most prestigious concept stores worldwide (Raum Seoul, Raum Busan, Raum Incheon, as well as sales in Russia at TSUM, Babochka Spb, VIP Kazan, LUKSE Novosibirsk, and others.)

— Participation in fashion weeks in Milan (every winter season since 2016)

— Establishment of multi-level production chains, including manufacturing in Russia, sourcing and developing unique brass hardware and accessories from Japan, Italy, France.

— Features in all Russian publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Tatler, INSTYLE, Cosmopolitan, and others.

— Celebrity management (Ksenia Sobchak, Snezhana Georgieva, Natalya Davydova, Elena Perminova, and others.)


Managed by our partner Nadya Krashilina for adidas Russia:

— Category management

— Product marketing

— Event management

— Campaigns launch

— Brand strategy for adidas Originals


Led by our partner Andrey Zhakevich:

— Orchestrating footwear production at A.W.A.K.E., from concept to launch

— Bulk production management


A project led by our partner Andrey Zhakevich:

— Actualization of the biodegradable sneaker concept

— Orchestrating footwear production at Pangaia, from concept to launch

— Sustainable and biodegradable material sourcing for accesories

— Diversifying offerings into headwear and accessories, showcasing innovation in sustainable production

— Building a robust supplier network for eco‐friendly materials, elevating the environmental responsibility standards of the brand

Paul & Yakov

— Rebranding strategy and storytelling

— Participation in Tomorrow London Ltd. for 2 years (AKA a Y-Combinator in the fashion world)

— Official invitation from the Mayor of Milan to participate in Milan Fashion Week 2019

— Export of Paul & Yakov collections to some of the most prestigious concept stores worldwide (10 Corso Como Milan, 10 Corso Como Seoul, Rare Market Seoul, United Arrows Tokyo, Stream Milano, Super Milano, Doshaburi, Secret Location Vancouver, Ayin Osaka, as well as sales in Russia at TSUM, LEFORM, TSVETNOY, etc.)

— Participation in Fashion Weeks in Paris and Milan (every winter season from 2014 to 2019)

— Establishment of multi-level production chains, including manufacturing in Russia and the EU, sourcing hardware and accessories from Japan, Italy, and France, production of knitwear collections, down-filled models, and intricate high-tech items

— Features in international publications such as Vogue USA, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, Elle UK, Glamour UK, Tatler UK, Vogue ITALIA, WALLPAPER, WWD, and others.

— Celebrity management (Caroline de Maigret, Charlotte Groenveld, Sofia Sanchez de Betak, Linda Tol, etc.)

Alexander Terekhov

— Knitwear collection development and production

— Material sourcing

— Combining hand embroidery and machine knitting in Italy

— Outerwear collection development and production

— Artisanal fur collection development and production

Production Management

Paul & Yakov team

Leveraging our extensive expertise in luxuryclothing and accessory manufacturing, we provide comprehensive services to oversee the entire production lifecycle in the fashion industry.

Equipped with a team of skilled designers, we are well-positioned to curate collections starting from the brand's moodboard.

Our proficiency shines in the strategic sourcing of optimal materials and the identification of manufacturers aligning with our clients' stringent quality standards and targeted pricing policies as well as meeting sustainability requirements.

Wether it's sourcing a production in artisanal Italy, an optimal facility in Portugal, or a double-face coat speciality in China — we're here to help.

We cover the following spectrum of products:

— Knitwear
— Outerwear
— Denim
— Accessories
— Jewellery
— Shoes
— Activewear
— Eyewear
— Fragrances
— Packaging
— Loungewear
— Bags & Leather products

Creative direction


Styling & Creative direction

Kate Tabakova, a freelance creative director and ex-Fashion Director at Harper’s Bazaar Russia, brings a distinctive vision to her work, emphasizing sculptural poses and clean aesthetics.

Her cover stories feature notable figures like Monica Belucci, Sienna Miller, and Joan Smalls.

Renowned for her individualized approach, she has secured influential clients in the Russian and CIS markets, offering creative direction, consulting for fashion brands, and celebrity styling.

Collaborating with renowned photographers, Kate has developed a unique concept of brand storytelling through still images.

Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar
12 Storeez
12 Storeez
Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar
Sasha Luss

Web development

— Website & E-commerce design

— Custom coding

— E-commerce integrations

— Branding

— Custom solutions

Marketing & Communications

Nadya Krashilina & Sasha Armeeva

Having a solid experience in marketing & communications, Nadya and Sasha are capable of providing bold development solutions for brands:

— Repositioning existing brand/product

— Building a new brand

— Supporting during the implementation stage of changes

— Marketing strategy

— Brand platform

— Product strategy

— Assortment matrix

— Development of marketing and communication strategies

— Social media strategy

Architectural solutions

Rodion Eremeev

Our architectural consulting is powered by DOMO led by Rodion Eremeev.

Having a vast experience in interior design and space planning for coworikings we offer various solutions for fashion businesses:

— Interior design for stores

— Interior design and planning for offices

— In-store merchendising

— 3d rendering

— Store chain concept development

— Pop-up space designs

— Event & Exhibition spaces


Petr Polyakov, based in Paris, a literature graduate from MSU, brings over 12 years of extensive experience in production for luxury brands, showcasing proficiency in sourcing diverse materials and fibers and production facilities. Known for executing exceptionally challenging projects within tight timelines and budgets, Petr an ex co-founder of label alongside his brother, Paul & Yakov, and participated in fashion weeks in Paris and Milan through the renowned Tomorrow Ltd showroom. His track record includes publications on, WWD, and other reputable platforms, underscoring his ability to navigate complex production scenarios and find optimal solutions swiftly. Petr is recognized for his strong visual code and adept concept development skills.

Andrey Zhakevich, a Product Development Manager with 13 years of expertise in footwear production, based in Paris. His experience includes roles such as Shoemaker at Stefano Bemer, Teacher of Footwear Production at Gottlieb School, Production Manager at Awake MODE, Head of Accessories at Pangaia, and R&D Director at 12 Storeez. Noteworthy achievements include expanding production from 30 to 3000 pairs per month, crafting biodegradable sneakers for Pangaia, and pioneering innovative materials at 12 Storeez. Additionally, Andrey founded Altropel, focusing on alternative leather from agro-waste. His educational background includes courses in biomaterials and biobased polymers what complement his deep knowledge of sustainable development. Andrey's skills encompass effective leadership, strategic thinking, and interdisciplinary adaptability.

With over 15 years of experience, Nadya Krashilina has dedicated her career to major international companies, including roles at adidas and LG. Later, she brought her expertise to 12 Storeez, a Russian-based global premium clothing brand for both men and women. Nadya has consistently balanced between achieving sales targets and fortifying brand strength. Her approach involves proposing solutions that align with business objectives in terms of turnover and margin, all the while emphasizing the importance of building robust brand positioning and compelling storytelling.

Ilya Besedin, boasting more than two decades of experience and the successful execution of numerous projects, is a highly sought-after expert in the realms of branding and web design. His distinctive specialization encompasses significant involvement with the fashion industry and collaborations with renowned designers. Beyond his creative prowess, Ilya adeptly collaborates with programmers, steering the development of websites and online stores. His projects stand out for their impressive conversion rates, solidifying his reputation as a leading professional in achieving both visual and technical success for brands in Russia.

Kate Tabakova, a fashion stylist and creative director, rose from an assistant role at Harper’s Bazaar Russia to become its Fashion Director in 2018. With a focus on sculptural poses and clean aesthetics, she blends her deep knowledge of contemporary art and design to create compelling cover stories featuring celebrities like Monica Bellucci, Sienna Miller, and Joan Smalls. Known for her distinctive vision, Kate provides creative direction and consulting services to fashion brands, seamlessly connecting unconventional fashion with commerce. Collaborating with renowned photographers, she has developed a unique concept for brand storytelling through captivating images. Based between in Paris, Kate Tabakova is available for worldwide collaborations.

Rodion Eremeev is a versatile architect and designer based in London, integrates creative thinking, technological skills, economic efficiency, and visual experiments. His education includes degrees from the Strelka Institute (Moscow), Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (Barcelona), and Moscow Architectural Institute. Professionally, he has served as Creative Director at Archifellows, Moscow, a tutor at the Architecture Association of London Visiting School, and a representative of Vicente Guallart in Russia. His diverse skills encompass 3D modeling, design and production, public speaking, hand drawing, and proficiency in various software. Achieving recognition in national and international competitions, Rodion stands out for his creative leadership, technological approach, and economical efficiency.

Sasha Armeeva has an extensive experience in marketing and PR, she has collaborated with notable companies such as TSUM, Europe's largest department store, and 12 Storeez, a Russian-based global premium clothing brand for both men and women. Additionally, she has contributed to the health-tech startup Bioniq. Sasha's diverse background equips her to navigate various business models and cater to specific needs, whether it involves PR development or classical communication strategies. A notable strength of Sasha lies in her ability to swiftly, comprehensively, and passionately immerse herself in industry intricacies, enabling her to surpass conventional agency briefs.

Mark Artsruni is a seasoned IT professional with over a decade of experience in website development and product ownership. Proficient in front-end design, Mark is known for his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to delivering top-notch user experiences. Clients and colleagues rely on his expertise and trust his judgment implicitly, making him a standout figure in the industry. With a keen eye for innovation, Mark continues to push the boundaries of web development, leaving a lasting impact on the digital landscape.